Alvin Parmassar Discusses Little Known Interior Design Tips

 Some individuals have a special eye for interior design. However, interior design experts like Alvin Parmassar explain that you don’t have to be a professional to improve the aesthetic of your living space. Parmassar recently offered his top little-known interior design tips geared toward helping you create an appealing and balanced space.

“The concept of a pleasing aesthetic varies from one person to another,” Alvin Parmassar said. “However, I always tell my clients that you don’t have to have a definitive theme for each room. Playing with multiple patterns in the same space can result in an eye-catching yet cozy look.”

Alvin Parmassar explained that one of his top tips is to play with patterns. It’s possible to mix three prints and have them work together in harmony. He reminded designers to use larger, bold patterns as focal points, and to leave blank space surrounding those patterns.

“So many people think large paintings are always superior to smaller ones,” Parmassar said. “However, a cluster of small paintings can be much less overwhelming for the space and make it feel bigger. He suggested placing small paintings on either side of the sofa if they look to small above it. This simple yet little-known interior design trick can greatly improve the look of your living space.”

Alvin Parmassar stated that some essential interior design tips are often forgotten. One of these often forgotten tips is that negative space is essential. Never place too many loud elements in the same room or space. Empty areas give your furniture room to breathe, which is also more calming for you and your guests.

Finally, Parmassar explained the importance of taking your time throughout the decorating process.

“You may feel an urge to purchase every accessory you want in your home in an attempt to finish the design process immediately,” Alvin Parmassar finished. “This often results in the filling of space with items that are not personal or necessarily fitting.”

Parmassar explained that carefully picking each room’s accessories, and taking your time to complete that process correctly, will result in a more pleasing aesthetic that you enjoy for years to come. He suggested starting by choosing two or three paintings, photos, or accessories you love, and continuing from there. Parmassar emphasized the importance of only choosing pieces you love.

“The interior design process is not one that should be rushed,” Parmassar finished.”It’s a process that may take years to complete, but you’ll be delighted that you were patient when you see the final product.”

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