Best kitchen colors of the year, revealed by experts in cabinets painting!

If you plan to change the color of your kitchen cabinets, you most probably wonder what shade to choose. Of course, the most important thing is to pick something you and your family like, but if you have no ideas and are open-minded, you should read this article further. We’ve contacted a highly-trained expert in cabinets painting, working with Home & Business Services, a family-owned local business, operating since 2013 in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA. He revealed his top choices for the current year and we present them to you below:

  1. Classic white. First of all, you must know that classic white is still the number one choice for cabinets painting, for a number of more or less obvious reasons. This is not only the simplest and most neutral shade you could opt for but also the most elegant. As you can imagine, a white kitchen can look like it was lifted from the pages of a glossy magazine, even though it’s harder to clean. However, you’ll have no problems with painting or cleaning, if you call – they offer both these services, as well as carpet, window, and air duct cleaning, home maintenance, handyman services, and turnkey services;


  1. Bold black. You can consider that black is the exact opposite of white, and chromatically you would be right, but it’s actually just as elegant and good looking. “A well-executed black kitchen is stylish, especially if you consider that this shade matches many others, including the metallic or gold ones”, the cabinets painting professional says. Furthermore, compared to the first option, this one is better in terms of hiding dirt, which means it will need to be cleaned less often;

  1. Quiet blue. The third option when it comes to cabinets painting is a calm shade of navy blue, of great importance if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This color works well with light woods and creamy countertops, the contrast between the two creating a perfect balance. The reason why the professional from Home & Business Services chose this shade for the third place in his top is that it matches the sky and the sea, creating an eminently positive feeling for everyone admiring it;


  1. Brave red. Last but not least, recommends painting your kitchen cabinets red, especially if the rest of the room is in a neutral shade. This creates a splash of color, both literally and figuratively, that will most certainly stand out. As you can see, all the options presented above are quite common because with such an approach you won’t fail. Of course, other choices could be just as inspiring, for example, natural green, earth grey, or electric pink. It all comes down to your preferences, as well as the offer available on the market, in terms of paints. However, regarding the actual painting process, you don’t have to worry since Home & Business Services will take care of everything for you.

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