Choosing A Fan For Your Home: A Detailed Guide

Come summers, and the increasing temperatures make you want to look for new ways to cool down. Whether it is sipping a cold drink or spraying water on your face, there is no feeling as pleasant as relaxing under a comfortable fan. Looking to buy brand new fans for your home? Whether it is ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall fans or any other option, there is a range of fans that are built for all your needs.

But before you pick the right fan for your home, here are a few things that you should look into:


If you want to buy a new fan, you will find too many options to choose from. Brands like Crompton provide a wide variety of fans in various sizes, designs, colours, aesthetics and even purposes. Each product is designed to provide optimum airflow in every nook and corner of the room, and is trusted and blends innovative engineering with optimum safety.

So stay aware of what you wish to achieve when selecting a device. For example, if you want to pick a fan that cools down and manages airflow for an entire room, a ceiling fan is the perfect pick. Meanwhile, if you have a study desk or table where you spend most of your time that requires focused cooling, a table fan is the perfect partner. Before you go shopping for the right fan, be mindful of the purpose you want it to serve.

And remember, there are several options in the market today built for your purpose and flexibility. If you prefer ceiling fans but have to get up often to switch it on/off or regulate speed, ceiling fans with remote are your perfect companion. The ceiling fan with remote is equipped with a smart remote control that uses radiofrequency technology to operate. This means you do not have to point at the fan specifically; press a button and experience the smart functionality.

Room size and arrangement

Whether ceiling fans, table fans, wall fans or pedestal fans, the size of the room and the arrangement will make a big impact. While wall fans or pedestal fan is built to cool down and regulate airflow in a particular space, the ceiling fan needs to be strategically placed. This is because while the pedestal fans, wall fans or table fans can be moved with some flexibility, the ceiling fan needs to be fixed in one place. This requires a clear understanding of the size of the room and the arrangement.


When placing your ceiling fan, make sure it is placed in the centre of the room and covers every corner of the seating area. Ceiling fans also come with their own features and specifications. For example, if you are looking for a ceiling fan for your living room, pick ceiling fans with lights. These ceiling fans with lights are a fantastic addition to provide light, and you can not just regulate speeds but also control the level of lighting, adding greatly to your home.

RPM Speeds

Ceiling fans also have different RPM or Rotation Per Minute of the blades. A regular ceiling fan has a sweep size of 1200mm with RPM ranging up to 300 or 350 RPM. Meanwhile, a high-speed ceiling fan has a higher RPM of 380 or more. The faster speeds are ideal for rooms where the fan’s range is limited and requires cooling only for a specific spot where the fan is to be set up. If you are looking at the ceiling fan price, both the fans have a similar price range, with the price increasing as you add more features. If you are looking for cooling in downward flow, say in the living room or bedroom, high-speed ceiling fans are the best option.

Sweep Range

You should ideally make sure that the ceiling fan is 7-9 feet off the ground. This ensures that the fan is high enough not to be a trouble for taller people while it provides optimum cooling. For a room of say 50 sq ft, a fan with a sweeping range of 600 – 900mm will do, while 1200mm is ideal for a room of 75 to 160 sq ft. The goal of the ceiling fans is to ensure the whole room gets air circulation. So, make sure you factor in the shape, size and arrangement of the room when you pick the fans of your choice.

Energy efficiency

The smart consumer of today knows the value of energy-saving electronic devices. Not only does it help to save rising energy costs, but energy-efficient fans can also help you to beat the heat and provide the right amount of cooling that’s perfect for your needs. Ceiling fans, wall fans or table fans are something we just cannot do without and is a must for any modern home. Energy-efficient fans come with sleep timers, BLDC (Brushless Direct Motor Current) technology and can provide up to 50% reduction in power consumption than a regular fan.

Which type of fan is the right one for you?

Ready to pick the right fans for your requirements? You can choose from a range of fans like:

  • Ceiling fansfor rooms of all sizes, and with features like anti-dust, high-speeds, energy efficiency, decorative elements and much more
  • Pedestal fans to optimize airflow in any room of your house that comes with a performance-oriented pedestal and speed.
  • Table fansthat are portable and provide personalized cooling when you need it
  • Wall-mounted fans that add an aesthetic appeal and unmatched airflow
  • Kitchen fans that provide cooling and airflow in the kitchen even when the gas is on
  • Exhaust fans for the kitchen or the bathroom that provide relief from smoky air and unwanted odours.

You just need to be sure of your purpose and then go ahead with buying.

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