Do Crime Scene Cleaners Turn Family Pictures While Cleaning

Cleaning up after a friend or family member can be traumatic. It is quite sad to say that some people do not know where to turn if they aren’t up to the task. Crime scene cleanup services specialize in managing biohazardous waste. With the high crime rate in the country, these specialist cleaners are always busy. Their services are in hot demand. They respond to a wide range of cases including accidents, plane crashes, homicide, vehicle decontamination, infectious disease clean up, hoarding, meth lab, and just any hazardous site you can think of.

When Did Crime Scene Cleaning Emerge?

Back in time, crime scene cleanup services were the responsibility of friends and family members. Loved ones have to deal with cleaning and sanitizing the area. They remove bodily tissues, blood, and any remnants of a violent crime, suicide, homicide, and death.

In the 80s, however, murder rates grew exponentially and so does the need for cleaning services. Loved ones and families are not properly trained to perform this sanitization service. The increase in murder rates gave birth to crime scene cleanup services. And ever since, the industry has grown into one of the most thriving business sectors that it has gathered a large following on TV shows, documentaries, and shows. Crime scene cleanup services are known by a number of names. Other popular names for crime scene cleanup services include suicide cleanup up, blood cleanup, biorecovery, CTS decon, biohazard cleaning, and many more.

Turning Pictures: Is It Ideal?

If you are worried about cleaning up after a death, you can turn to crime scene cleaners for help.

Practically speaking, crime scene cleaning is a dirty yet rewarding job. It is hard to manage the situation given the gory sights before them. Some individuals get mentally unstable when they sight pictures of family members or specifically the individual they are cleaning up after hence they turn the pictures facing downwards. it is always a hard thing to deal with. Some do this based on some sort of superstitions or to honor the dead. It could be that the eyes look somewhat scary hence they don’t like seeing them. However, many crime scene cleaners who can cope with family pictures hanging around crime scenes will take them out of harm’s way rather than turning the pictures.

While for others, they enjoy seeing the picture of the deceased. In a bid to know more, they might engage the family in a conversation empathically, of course. They would like to know a bit about the deceased background, who they were, source of livelihood, health conditions, and many more. So long as the family is willing and ready to converse, they are ready. Every crime scene cleaner has its own unique way of cleaning. Some people even take before and after pictures of the cleaning site and add them to their portfolio. However, they will never post it on social media platforms without the consent of the family members of the deceased.

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