Evan Rubinson, Self-Taught Founder of ERA Music, Shares Advice on How New-Comers Can Get Ahead in the Music Industry 

Evan Rubinson, the founder of Evan Rubinson Audio Music Brands, is a self-taught music professional who has managed to break through barrier after barrier in his industry. After getting an inside look at what it takes to make it, he opens up about how he got his start and how others can do the same.

The Lessons of ERA Music

Rubinson started on Wall Street, learning the ropes of managing money and sound investments. He was known for conquering the fast-paced trading hubs of finance, but he had dreams beyond the unrelenting demands of clients and bosses. In 2016, he was ready to take over the family music business when his father was diagnosed with cancer. After assuming leadership of Armadillo Enterprises, he started ERA to branch out his portfolio. Now, he controls a variety of brands of musical instruments and accessories. Know more about Evan Rubinson on Tycoon Story

While Evan Rubinson may have grown up around instruments and equipment, he says his interest was the primary factor in his success. He had to expend plenty of effort to understand the nuances within a diverse industry. Live performances, equipment setups, salesmanship: this is just the beginning. When artists are driven by everything from nostalgia to personal experience, a professional needs to be exceptionally committed to getting all the facts straight. If you want to be where Rubinson is, he suggests that you become fully immersed wherever and whenever possible.

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Use Your Passion to Get Ahead

Passion is what most people have when they first start their careers in music. They may not have the fanciest education or a wealth of experience, but they have a drive and a will to get ahead. Evan Rubinson says that not only is your passion an asset, it may be the single most important asset you have. Up to 70% of the people he works with don’t actually have a college degree. Instead, they got their foot in the door, got in front of the right people, and proved to them just how far they were willing to go to be in the industry.

Rubinson says that the ‘right people’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean big-time Executives. It can be as easy as volunteering at a local music festival or concert and chatting up the manager there. You never know who’s going to help your career, so it’s critical to build as many relationships as possible. He also stresses the importance of starting immediately. We all have responsibilities in our lives, but if you keep making excuses, chances are nothing will ever get done.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that Rubinson shares is that it’s all worth it. When he was in Wall St., there was a lot of stress on his plate. In the music industry, the creativity and pace can actually calm him throughout the day. In other words, you’re unlikely to regret putting in all those extra hours.

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