Features to Look for in A Workflow Management System

In our increasingly busy, digital lives, the workflows we use every day for the most part manage themselves. That’s convenient, but it can also be frustrating when we need to make adjustments to our workflow. So, you will find a list of features every work management system should have. With these features, you can manage your tasks, set deadlines for yourself, and more.

Here are some features every work management system should have:

·        Connectivity into other web applications

This has become very essential for workflow management systems. If something is being uploaded in the workflow, it should automatically be updated in other software, calendars and emails as well.

·        Transparent charges

The best workflow management software works on a regular pay-as-you-go basis in which the fee includes operating costs and the amount of users utilizing the platform is only paid for. If you don’t have a workflow engine telling you the costs immediately on the page, they try to find out the extent to which they can get out of your brand.

Software such as HyperOffice provides a 15-minute demo or free trial to know whether it is fit for your purposes. You also get access to customizable intranet software to make variations for yourself.

·        Reports based on KPI

If you want to achieve productivity, a KPI-based reporting function in the workflow management system will let you know and understand the issues and work on them.

·        Proper form designer

The workflow management system must be efficient, along with a simple form designer. Tasks such as displaying live data, linking a form to a different online database should be done easily.

·        Cloud computing technologies

Service providers have already created and hosted cloud-based workflow solutions. All you have to do is sign up for their solutions, login, adjust the intranet page, and get started. Businesses can use cloud-based workflow solutions to decrease manual procedures and enhance workflow performance quickly and at a fair price.

·        Access restriction based on position

Every workflow management system must enable you to adjust the view and editing of each person. If this component of the workflow changes fasts, it must not break or influence the previous request.

·        Notifications

A good workflow management system will email alerts or push notifications to remind you of future confirmations. The type of notice must also be able to be customized by people.

HyperOffice’s intranet software solution does just that. You may construct a wide range of business applications to manage easy business processes with processes, notifications, displays, etc.

·        SLA level determiners

SLA signals allow you to recognize which are the most urgent and what can wait for other projects. Color coding or a similar technique should be used to bring your focus to the most compelling workflows on the screen.


When operations are managed manually, all of the transparency to precision and reliability is thrown out the window. Legacy workflow software isn’t any better. Although the transition from conventional workflow systems to cloud-based workflows appears overwhelming, it may be well worth the time and money when implemented right.

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