How to Choose Gifts for Kids at Christmas

It can be difficult to know what to buy any children in your life for Christmas. With so many different toys, knowing what the most sought-after gifts are can make you very popular. But with Santa Clause usually having wish list gifts covered, what can you buy for a grandchild, niece, nephew, or family friend that will leave them beaming with joy?

Get Some Help from the Parents

If you are a bit stumped as to what to buy, it is always a good idea to speak to the child’s parents to find out what their interests are. Parents may also be able to steer you in the right direction by telling you the name of an item that was on the child’s wish list and that Santa will not be bringing. Many kids will put far more on their wish list than they could ever dream of getting with the hope that Santa will bring some of the items. Parents can also tell you which items to avoid buying.

Age-Appropriate Toys

Most toy stores will give you an idea of which toys are age-appropriate for kids. Whether it is an educational toy or a light bike for kids, choosing based on the child’s age is definitely something to remember. The good people at Woom say that when it comes to a kids’ bike, you need to choose something that they are going to be able to ride, so it needs to be the right size. For other toys, age appropriateness is important, especially when it comes to younger children as they may contain small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Fun Clothing

Most children would prefer a toy to clothes but these daysyou can buy items that feature their favorite children’s character. So it could be a pair of pajamas with characters from Paw Patrol or a dress featuring their favorite Disney Princess. You can even buy some cute accessories to go with it, such as some slippers or some hair bobbles.

Creative Toys are Fun

Kids love to get creative, and there is so much to choose from this category of toy. You can even find creative toys designed for specific age groups.So if you are buying for one child aged four, you might consider some modelling clay, while for an older child aged around ten, a science experiment set may be more appropriate. Paints, scrapbooks, and even musical instruments are all fabulous gifts that allow children to express themselves through play.

The Rule of Four

Instead of buying one large gift, why not use the rule of four to buy four small gifts. The rule is that you buy something to read, something to wear, something to play with, and something to eat (festive candies are always a good choice). There are other rules you can apply, such as something they want, something they need, something they can wear, and something they can read. Following rules like this means it gives you some kind of guide when looking for gifts.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate can take the headache out of trying to find an appropriate gift for a child, especially an older child who will appreciate the chance to go out and get something they really want. Plus, with so many great sales after Christmas, they might be able to get a real bargain. You can even couple the gift certificate with the promise to take them out shopping which will give an added dimension to the gift, especially if you throw in a slice of cake and a mug of hot chocolate during the trip!

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