How to choose the best revolver holster


The field holster with its full leather flap was the standard way for the military to store sidearms for cavalry. This style was still popular all through the 20th century. Even though a field holster can keep your pistol safe, it will make it harder for you to get it out quickly and easily. Each type of material for a pistol holster has its pros and cons. You can choose from a wide range of leather holsters to carry a pistol. Today’s leather revolver holsters must meet specific requirements to be used for either concealed or open carry.

Changing or moving retention

A lot of people use leather holsters with active retention. Take the injury to the thumb as an example. The pistol stays on your back with the help of the recoil shoulder and the leather strap that goes over the hammer or slide cover plate. Some gun owners don’t like waiting to shoot because the gun is locked or fastened. Similar holsters made of leather use friction. A leather holster wholly hidden inside the waistband makes it less likely that the gun will go off accidentally. Holsters made of passive materials like leather and held together with screws can be changed in many ways. By loosening or tightening these screws, you can change the tension of a handgun.


Choose a holster that works well for you. For concealed carry, the best holster can be worn for a long time without making the skin itchy. Leather is the softest material most people can think of. Leather takes the shape of your body over time. The more often you use a leather holster, the more comfortable you will feel with it. Leather, on the other hand, can be pressed, while polymers can’t. Put another way; it can be bent. The leather will soften the blow if you fall on your holster or hit your head on something hard.

Holster Wear

The finish on the gun will last longer because the inside is softer. Molded thermoplastic holsters last longer than leather ones, but they also wear out faster. Rust likes to stick to peeling paint. Also, it would help if you got to get a holster that is made for the gun you have. With too much space, foreign objects can get in and scratch the surface.


To put it simply, holsters shouldn’t be made of thin leather that bends—permanence is quickly essential. For a secure grip on your gun when opening and closing it, thick leather is your best bet. It shouldn’t be easy to stretch or fold leather. Now that it’s empty, it shouldn’t fall. Your safety is at risk if you have to use your support hand to put your gun back in its holster if the holster breaks when you pull it out. For concealed carry, the best holster is one that you can use with just one hand.


Check the size of the holster against the belt you plan to use to carry the gun. You can hide your gun with the help of your pistol belt. It helps hold up your handgun holster by spreading the gun’s weight. Belts that aren’t made healthy or thick enough may stretch or sag. Not all guns are the same regarding belt loops and clip sizes.

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