How to move your vehicle to another city

Packing your entire house and life and relocating to another city is never easy. Exhaustion, stress, complications of all kinds, are just a few of the factors that make it an overwhelming task. Adding the need to relocate a vehicle just brings extra salt and pepper to the equation. Did you think your task was stressful? Just wait till you remember you have to move your car, as well. Luckily, there are solutions for this, so at least some of the stress will be reduced. Even some of the cheap moving companies in Toronto are specialized in vehicle relocation. Here are three waysof moving your vehicle to another city.

Whether you drive a combo, a limousine, or a truck, there are always solutions. You are not the first to move long-distance and we guarantee most of the people need to move their vehicles with them, too. The good news is you even have different options for solving this issue! We will tell you a little something about all of them, and then you decide what works better for you at this moment.

Hire professional vehicle movers

Toronto has plenty of cheap movers to choose from, and many of them are reliable. Out of the reliable ones, some specialize in auto transport – in other words, they move vehicles anywhere you need. This just so happens to be the most popular choice, as well. At least from where we stand – Let’s Get Moving is one of the most reputable cheap moving companies in Toronto, with over a decade of experience and thousands of moves completed every year. And what we see every year is that most people who need to relocate their vehicles hire us or another company who does specialized auto transport.

This way, transported either on a trailer truck or in another moving truck, your car will be safe and you will not even have to worry about the mileage. The costs for this vary depending on the size and type of car you own, as well as the distance travelled. You should also know that an enclosed truck will cost more than a trailer. It will keep your car safer, nonetheless. Before you sign any agreement with your movers, make sure to ask where your car will be delivered. For example, if you are moving to Toronto and your car is delivered at the movers’ headquarters that means you will have to pick it up. And if they are on the opposite side of Toronto from where you are, it will not be very fun. Many of the cheap moving companies in Toronto who manage vehicle moves will deliver your car at your door. Find them and make sure they are licenced, to cover yourself in case of accidents or damages!

Ask someone to drive the car for you

This can either be a friend or a professional driver. This option will definitely cost less than the first one, since there is no trailer nor truck involved. If your option is a professional driver, make sure to choose a licenced one! Accidents do happen, so you really want to be covered in case of collisions or other types of damages. If the price they propose seems too high for you, consider asking a friend to drive your car! Choose someone you trust from those experienced and who love driving long distances. A family member will do, too. Anyone who is willing to go that distance for you. You only need to make sure you have insurance and that it covers everything that may occur. Other than that, you might have to pay your bill in beers and pizza.

Take it on a train

This is an option that not many know of. Some people know that you can hire cheap moving companies in Toronto to take care of their car move, and definitely most people consider asking a friend to do it. But yes, there is this third option, which is to move your car by train. This is a safe, easy way to deal with this slightly complicated issue. Want to hear the best part? You can load your car with boxes and other items, and the railway company will still take it. Shipping your car by train might end up saving you some money during your moving process, so make sure to ask about all the implications of this option!

Like we were saying in the beginning, moving is a complicated process. You need to pay attention to lots of aspects at the same time. Having a car among the worries on the list is not fun, but at the same time it’s not the most complicated task in the world. We hope these tips we shared will come in handy next time you need to move to another city and take the car there, as well. The easiestoption, if you ask us, is to hire cheap movers in Toronto who specialize in vehicle relocation. Let’s Get Moving is one of those companies, and so far we have transported all kinds of cars, from antiques and collection cars to the most modern convertibles.

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