Knee Osteoarthritis Patients Should Be Cautious While Doing Exercises

 If you have osteoarthritis of the knees, even then you can exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. The only key is knowing the right way of doing exercise. Consult a podiatrist to know all the precautions you have to take while exercising. Long-term exercise is still safe for adults. Even doing the right exercise can reduce arthritis joint pains.

This will improve the ordinary physical activity manner so that you can practice more. The podiatrist in Irvine Orange County looks at all the alternatives to provide healthy living to people. If the discomfort is ignored first, it can become severe later. All the treatments provided are done using laser services.

How to be cautious while preparing for these exercises?

·        Walking

While walking and running, be steady and try to pick up the natural speed. If you need support, you can use the railing for the purpose. To have a low-impact alternative, you can use the stair stepper machine. Start doing shorter workouts and then increase the duration over time. With age, the cartilage of people also wears down.

·        Doing repetitive jumping

After doing repetitive jumping for a day, take about 3 days break in between. Wear a knee brace while you are practicing. Likewise, if you feel mild pain, you should consult with the doctor immediately. Jumping affects the joints equal to 7 times the body weight.

·        Squatting

Squatting helps to build leg and hip strength thereby making the joints strong. For people with arthritis pain, stand back against the wall. Keep the shoulder width about 18 feet from the wall.

Breathe in and out while you are squatting. It’s important to keep the abdominal muscles tight. Keep the knees over the ankles and not at the ball of the foot. If you feel any intense pain, it’s best to consult with the doctor. And you should stop practicing for the day.

·        Deep lunging

Lunging also has the same risks and effects as squatting. Lungs help to improve the overall movement of the legs. But if done incorrectly, it can cause unnecessary pain in the body. To be in a safe position, make sure the knee doesn’t get past the ankle.

You can also do the lunges by holding onto the chair or table to get support. During the practice, if you feel pain, stop the exercise then and there. If you feel more pain, you should stop lunging for the day.

Stem cell therapy for arthritis

Stem cell for arthritis is an essential and popular treatment for arthritis in the present times. Besides, the methodology behind stem cells is complicated but yet very simple. The therapy is very straightforward as well. There are many ways to harvest stem cells in the body.

In stem cell for knee, the concentrated stem cells are activated in the body. An X-ray can also be done in the troubled area.


You have to be careful while exercising with arthritis pain. Be cautious of what you should not do and continue to live an active life.

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