M Patrick Carroll Invests in Italian Soccer Club

Atlanta real estate developer M Patrick Carroll is taking another bold step into a new competitive arena – European soccer.

M Patrick Carroll and business partner Joe Tacopina recently announced the purchase of Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor (or SPAL), an Italian football (soccer) league club currently playing in the nation’s second-tier, Serie B.

Carroll and Tacopina will be investing in the club and provide management oversight with Carroll serving as chief executive officer and Tacopina as president and general partner.

The agreement calls for an initial investment by the two partners of $10 million in the historic football team, located in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna. The principals have ambitious plans for the team, including leading SPAL back to Serie A, the country’s top tier for futbol.

For real estate mogul M Patrick Carroll, it’s his first foray into international soccer. As a highly respected real estate development and investor, who is the CEO of the eponymous CARROLL, which he founded in 2004, it’s a natural next step.

Tacopina, who brings extensive experience in international sports, is eager to draw on Carroll’s business experience. He praised his partner’s talent and knowledge in business and believes that Carroll’s advice, insights, and perspective will bring great results to the new venture.

Growing the SPAL Brand Worldwide

M Patrick Carroll cited the widespread interest and growth within the United States as one of the factors that persuaded him to go forth with the SPAL purchase. It doesn’t hurt that his children are big soccer fans.

Carroll wants to focus on driving enthusiasm in younger people in the sport. Carroll plans to create SPAL Academies in strategic markets in North America. As a longtime fan of sports and expert strategic thinking and organizational skills, Carroll is an ideal focal point for an eventual SPAL academy in the United States.

Carroll and Tacopina are already at work fine-tuning business operations at SPAL after the August 2021 announcement. Among the leaders’ goals is to build regional and global excitement about the brand and pursue new revenue opportunities.

One of the major assets is the club’s beautiful SPAL stadium. The pair plan to involve the club’s players more as well as a way to strengthen the brand’s reach in target markets. Carroll cited Tacopina’s expertise – he previously worked as an executive for three Italian soccer clubs – and knowledge of brand marketing and public relations.

M Patrick Carroll Brings Business Leadership to New Venture

CARROLL Founder M Patrick Carroll has used his keep ability to identify, redevelop and grow returns on submarket properties, propelling CARROLL to unprecedented levels of success.

In the past decade, CARROLL has completed equity investments valued at $2.6 billion in 21 U.S. markets. Carroll himself has led construction management and development projects valued at more than $200 million, often taking a lead role in work for the firm’s institutional partners, private investors, and principals.

In 2021, CARROLL manages more than 30,000 residential and commercial properties on the U.S. East Coast valued at more than $5 billion. Currently, the company is focused on investments in the multifamily housing sector.

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