Mark Roemer Oakland Introduces Ways to Add Beautiful Blooms to Your Décor


Flower arrangements are gorgeous in any home. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are so many ways you can accent your home with flowers without messing with the overall theme. Let’s check out how you can add beautiful blooms to your decor:

The Ways

  1. Hallway showstopper – It’s a wonderful feeling to get greeted by beautiful blooms as soon as you enter the home. Your hallway is the perfect place for displaying an amazing over-the-top flower arrangement. It will impress you and your guests as soon as you cross the entryway. Place an arrangement that is full of colors and has an amazing variety of textures to make a striking impression. It will start conversations and break the ice instantly when you’re having many guests over.

  1. Have them by the bed – Your bedside table is like a canvas that invites imagination and creativity. Why not accentuate it with a vase of gorgeous flowers? Moreover, every day when you wake up you would be greeted by the smell and sight of wonderful blooms that will allow you to start your day with a positive mood and mindset. However, it’s important to keep things simple when it comes to the bedroom. You don’t want the bloom to become the focal point of your bedroom. Peonies and pink coral roses can be a great start. You can arrange them with some eucalyptus leaves in a copper or golden vase.

  1. Row arrangement – If you have a rectangular dining table, this one’s for you. Dining tables have a lot of space and the cross-section in the middle can look pretty great with a row of similarly arranged blooms. You can make the blooms stand out with an odd number of vases where the central vase is the tallest with the largest arrangement and the rest are progressively shorter vases with smaller versions of the same flower arrangement as it goes towards the edge. If you have seats that are neutral toned, consider adding snow white roses to the base. If they have a strong dark color, check the color wheel for a complimenting color and choose flowers that match the tone.

  1. Less is more – In interior design, minimalism has a special place. It can make the greatest impact with the least number of elements. This concept holds even for flowers and plants. For instance, if you have a coffee table with rich dark colors and striking texture on the tabletop, you want to accessorize it with the least things so that the expensive coffee table is shown in full glory. Use a vase that is geometric in shape with angular and clean lines. Place your favorite small plant or flowers on it and make sure that they are not large enough to spill too much out of the vase’s boundaries.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you try out all these methods of adding flowers to your home and keep what best fits your taste. Flowers are a great way to add life, color, and fragrance to any setting.

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