Matt Davies Harmony Communities Examines How to Plan a Pet-Friendly Road Trip


As long as you plan, pack carefully, and are ready for any situation that may arise while on your vacation, it is absolutely safe to take your dog along for a lengthy road trip. This article from Matt Davies Harmony Communities examines how to plan a pet-friendly road trip. So long as everything is in order, you and your pet buddy can enjoy a happy, easygoing, and wonderful long car ride.

How To Plan a Pet-Friendly Road Trip

You can almost feel the wind ruffling your hair. You get shivers just thinking about all the fresh sights and smells you’ll encounter along the road. It is going to be incredible. There is work to be done, though, before you leave. Here, Matt Davies Harmony Communities examines how to plan a pet-friendly road trip.

Search For Pet-Friendly Accommodations – Due to the expanding industry for dog-friendly vacations, you won’t have much trouble finding pet-friendly lodging. Most websites let you filter hotel search results by pet-friendly lodgings and inform you of any size restrictions.

Deciding on a Route – When organizing a road trip with your dogs, look into pet-friendly locations in the key cities you’ll pass through along the way. You may plan your route using the Go Pet-Friendly Road Trip Planner and discover nearby pet-friendly lodging options, eateries, parks, and shops. Pets are welcome at many restaurants with outside seating, but not all do, and rules might change, so call ahead to double-check.

Make a Stop Plan – Trying to do too much when organizing a road trip is the most frequent error individuals make. Being adaptable is essential while traveling with pets. On the day you intended to trek, the weather might not have been the best. Or perhaps on the day you planned a guided walking tour, all you wanted to do was lie on the beach. So be careful while deciding where to stop.

Book Your Accommodations Ahead – The accommodation for your road trip is one thing you might wish to reserve in advance. Finding pet-friendly hotels, vacation homes, or campgrounds could be difficult, and being without lodging can be stressful.

Calculate the amount of time it will take to drive between various spots along the route as you review the map you have been annotating. Include time for eating, using the restroom, and filling the car with gas. Also, take into account how much time you want to spend visiting the sights along the journey.

Get Your Vehicle Ready – Making sure your car is “pet ready” comes after planning your itinerary and making hotel reservations. The most crucial aspect of any trip is returning home together securely, so be sure you have a method of keeping your pet safe while you’re on the road.

A car harness, box, or carrier will keep your pet from unexpectedly stopping by to check out the view from your lap while you’re driving and will safeguard both of you in the event of an accident.


Making a good impression is important when traveling with a pet since you represent all pet travelers. Respect the laws of the places you visit, keep your pet on a leash at all times, and pick up after him. A small number of irresponsible individuals can have unfavorable effects on local pet owners and future pet visitors.

While all of this planning in advance takes time, Matt Davies Harmony Communities feels it is essential to create a road trip that is pleasurable for all involved. Most importantly, you’ll create lifelong memories with your best friend.

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