Replace or Repair Water Damaged Floors: Which Is the Best Option?

Water damage, just like any other accident, happens unexpectedly. This can be frustrating as it can disrupt a lot of activities in the home. Not all water damage in the home takes you unawares; there are multiple signs of water damage including odor, warping, and discoloration. Once you discover any of these damages, call on disaster repair services to fix the issue in the nick of time.

There are many causes of water damage including damaged pipe, a leaky roof, and an overflowing toilet. Once know the cause of the water damage, then you are left with two options whether to repair it or replace the entire floor. You also ponder if it is right to call in expert disaster repair services. No matter the circumstances, you have to take an action fast to prevent the problem from escalating. Time is the essence when dealing with water damage repair.

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage signs can be obvious and other times they can be hidden. The very first thing to do is to assess the surrounding areas for signs of water damage. Some of the common water damage signs include

  • Warping: if your wall or floor starts to crack or peel then odds are you are dealing with water damage
  • Change of color: Unusual stain on walls and floors is another telltale sign of water damage. Dark spot means you have not just water damage to worry about but also mold growth. Discoloration signifies the presence of mold in the affected area.
  • Crowning: You’ll find these signs on a wooden floor. Crowning is when the shape of your floor planks becomes abnormal. It means the floor planks have high points in the middle and low points on the edges.
  • Bad smell: If your floor starts producing odd smells, this is a sign of mold growth. Mold grows in damp, dark areas. If your floor planks are moist, it makes just the right condition for mold growth.

Repairing Water Damaged Floor

If the water damage is relatively small, repairing it might be cost-saving. There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering repairing water damage. These include

  • The water damage just happened a while ago, hence minor cosmetic repairs will do a perfect job
  • Clean water from a leaking pipe in the home.
  • The damaged area gets dried out 48 hours after water damage

If you are considering repairing water damaged floor, it is ideal that you leave it to dry completely before repair work. Being impatient with water-damaged floor repair works might result in expensive repair costs in the future.

Replacing Water Damaged Floor

Replacing a water-damaged floor is necessary if you are dealing with a more serious issue like flooding or a busted water heater. Here are signs you need to replace the floor

  • Extensive water damage and deterioration
  • Damage from dirty contaminated water
  • Leaving the water to sit on the surface for an extended period

Tackling water damage projects yourself can be tasking. Call in a professional today for an expert disaster repair service.

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