Running a Drug Test on Your Stolen Vehicle

Losing your car to thieves can be a frustrating experience. Recovery might take weeks, months, or even years. You spend a lot of time with the police and waiting for positive news from the investigation. While some cars are never recovered, some cars get recovered with irreparable damage. Fortunate car owners can get their car recovered in a good state. However, it is always advisable to run a drug test and get it cleaned up by biohazard cleaning services.

Recovered vehicles come with potential health risks. It is therefore unwise to continue using it without getting rid of the risks. The first step when you receive the news of the successful recovery of your stolen vehicle is to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will request for the car to be taken to an auto mechanic workshop for a thorough inspection. Any damage will be fixed. More so, you will be contacted for discussions on claim settlements should your insurance policy cover theft. More so, the car will be taken for a drug test by your insurance company.

Why Drug Testing is Essential?

There are many reasons why a stolen car should be drug tested and these include

Stolen vehicle are hazardous until proven otherwise by an expert biohazard cleaning service. Vehicle drug testing help reduce your risk of exposure to hazardous components. Your safety is a top priority. Many people are unaware that biohazard cleaning services are the best hands to contact to run a drug test on a recovered stolen car. This is because they are best equipped and properly trained to carry out this service safely and in a methodological way. They adhere strictly to recommended safety precautions and procedures.

If you are worried that your recovered vehicle might contain potential health risks, endeavor to contact your insurance company and share your concerns with them. While some insurance companies might be interested in performing a drug test on your vehicle, others may waive off the idea and instead suggest other alternatives. Running a drug test on your vehicle depends on the circumstances surrounding the stolen car.

If your stolen car needs to undergo drug testing, experts who specialize in biohazard cleaning services will be contacted to perform the task. The cleaning crew dawns on their personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit interaction with the biohazards inside the recovered vehicle. Using advanced cleaning tools and testing equipment, they perform their task diligently. If they find anything incriminating like an illicit substance while cleaning, they will run a test to identify the substance. After it has been identified, the drug cleanup company will contact the owner and insurance company to inform them of their discovery.

If a significant amount of the illicit drug is discovered, then the next big task is to conduct vehicle decontamination. Experts in biohazard cleaning services will clean and disinfect the entire vehicle, leaving no trace of the drug residue. This is one of the best detailing for your recovered stolen car.

Drug testing performed by a professional is essential if you’ve just recovered your car.

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