Top 10 most beautiful women cricketers

As cricket has been rising in popularity, it is natural for women’s cricket to come into the front seat too. In recent years, there have been many Indian cricketers who have been thrown into the spotlight. The women in blue have been getting in their groove in recent years and their performances have been getting consistent more than ever. While their counterparts in the men’s team have been getting the most praise and the spotlight, the women’s cricket team hadn’t been receiving the same hype up until recently. Only in recent years, with the increase in awareness of gender inequality and wage inequality, the women in blue have garnished rightful attention for one of the first times.

Only recently, the wage gap has been closed by the BCCI and it has been applauded by everyone as something long overdue. Also in recent years, the women’s team has been getting better and better every time, making it into the finals of the T-20 World Cup in 2020 too. Such performances will only keep getting better with time and it isn’t long until they bring a Cup home, not unlike the men’s team. 

Let’s take a look at some of the women cricketers who have stolen the hearts of fans with their cricketing skills, and dashing looks and even got attention in India latest cricket match news:

  1. Smriti Mandhana: One of the most well-known and iconic women’s cricketers of perhaps all times. She has been a constant crush of Indian cricket fans. She has been awarded multiple times with the most recent one being the ICC Women’s cricketer of the year in January 2022, she has an amazing history to top it off, being only eleven when she was included in the under-19 women’s team. This is no ordinary achievement and her performance has been a testament to her. With such looks and skills in cricket to top it, she is truly a gem in the Indian women’s cricket team.
  2. Priya Puniya: She is a recent sensation and made her debut in 2018 her first test appearance has been in 2021. Since then, there is no looking back on this With her gorgeous looks and amazing personality, she has been gathering a lot of attention and her inclusion in recent years has only been getting her even more attention, she is a star on the rise and her career in the coming years will only be more interesting to watch. 
  3. Veda Krishnamurthy: This Karnataka-born player made her debut at the young age of 18 in an ODI against England. Not many know but she also earned a black belt in karate at the age of 12. Her name is no stranger to the stardom in the women’s cricketing world, her looks have been drawing more people to Women’s cricket. Her career can only get better with the attention she has been receiving from Indian fans.
  4. Harleen Deol: She is a right-handed batsman and has been firing on all cylinders lately. This Himachal-born player’s infamous catch against England has been played on social media which is only adding to her already huge fan following. With her pretty looks in one hand and the Midas touch of cricket on her side, she will be the one to look out for in the future. 
  5. Mona Meshram: A right-handed batsman and a right-arm-medium bowler, she is an all-rounder both on and off the field, she plays passionately on the field and gives her all. She received the BCCI’s M.A. Chidambaram award for the best lady cricketer of the 2010-11 when she scored 623 runs including a century and 5 half-centuries. With her gorgeous looks, she has gathered a humongous following on Instagram and she has only just begun. She will only get better with time, watch out for her fairy knocks, fast bowling, and her looks.
  6. Neha Tanwar:  Born in New Delhi, this right-arm batsman and right-arm off-spinner made her international debut in 2011. She had started playing domestic cricket way back in 2004. Her Instagram profile has gathered a following of more than 90,000 fans and she posts regularly with her main content being fitness, gym, and cricket. 
  7. Harmanpreet Kaur: Kaur, as the name suggests hails from Punjab and is the captain of the women in blue in the T-20 format. She was appointed as the skipper way back in 2013. She is also the first cricketer in India to play in 100 international T-20 matches. With a huge fanbase on Instagram, heer followers exceed 1.5 million which is one of the most by any women cricketer. She also received the Arjuna award for her extraordinary achievements in 2020, her achievements are numerous and are not going to stop at the rate she is going on.
  8. Mithali Raj: One of the most famous women cricketers, not only in India but also around the globe. Her Air Force background makes it even more stunning as she has a record of 6,000 runs in the One Day International format which remains unbeaten to this day. Her loyal fanbase is around the globe and remains the heartthrob of many.
  9. Jemimah Rodrigues: This cricketer from Maharashtra started her sports career as a hockey player at the under-17 and the under-19 level. Her gorgeous looks have earned her the hearts of youngsters across India and this Mumbai girl remains the second player to score 200+ runs in a Day International. 
  10. Tania Bhatia: Another player who draws in the fans with her charming looks. She is also the wicketkeeper for India. This Punjab girl is currently getting trained by former Indian bowler RP Singh. She has a huge and loyal fan following and enjoys a craze among youngsters.  

Conclusion: Women’s cricket is here to stay and will be quite famous in the coming years. Women’s cricket has players who are lovely-looking as well as quite skilled in their sport. This has helped in drawing the attention of the media to women’s cricket. Only if the fans keep supporting women’s cricket, they will be able to keep playing well and one day bring the cup home.

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