Unique Applications for Medical and Aesthetic Lasers

Lasers are an important aspect of our lives. Most health providers are now adopting medical lasers to replace conventional ways of treatment. These devices are handy for various medical and cosmetic procedures. These include wound healing, nerve stimulation, plastic surgery, dentistry, skin sculpting, and many more.

Check out some of the unique applications of medial& aesthetic lasers:

  1. Angioplasty-Artery cleaning

 For some patients, the arteries are clogged with plaque. These are hard and fatty substances that hinder normal blood flow and can be fatal. The condition can lead to stroke or heart attack, and the best way to prevent this is through laser angioplasty.

How is it done? The process involves an optic fiber attached to a tiny TV camera and then injected into you’re your blood vessels. The doctor guides the fiber to the blocked area and fires a laser beam to destroy the clog.

2. Lithotripsy

 Laser lithotripsy is a procedure for eliminating kidney stones. It uses a flexible ureteroscope or shock waves to break down the kidney stones in the gallbladder into tiny bits. What’s more? The procedure doesn’t take long and lasts about 30 minutes.

There are two major categories of lithotripsy. These are ESWL and FURSL, and both use advanced equipment like the Alma Lasers. Laser lithotripsy doesn’t involve incisions since the resulting small pieces can be passed through urination. However, you may experience a burning sensation when urinating after t procedure.

  1. Vericose vein treatment

Vericose veins develop on the legs and are painful. They exhibit inflated veins full of blood. During laser varicose vein treatment, the doctor will use small laser bursts on the surface of your skin to make them disappear. For deep laser treatments, a light sedative or local anesthesia may be necessary. The process takes about one hour, and you expect results in 2-3 weeks.

  1. Treatment of facial veins& redness

Facial veins and redness are common conditions that can make you uncomfortable. Laser treatment can alleviate the issue by targeting the red and brown areas in your skin. During the procedure, the laser energy coagulates the blood vessels under the skin’s surface.

This then deflates the visible blood vessels and minimizes the redness. There are various types of lasers for treating spider veins and facial redness.

  1. 5. Wrinkle removal

Wrinkles are a normal part of aging but can be unsightly. They can sometimes result from sun damage, smoking, alcohol consumption, and collagen reduction in your skin. Wrinkles cause skin sagging, and laser treatment is very effective, particularly for fine lines.

It works on your skin’s top layer, removes it, thus leaving a fresh new layer. The process triggers collagen production, which firms the skin leading to smooth, younger-looking, and vibrant skin.

The main benefits of laser wrinkle treatment are;

  • No anesthesia used
  • N blisters or wounds
  • Encourages collagen growth
  • Faster results- within a month post-surgery

Final thoughts

Laser treatment is used in many other applications. These include; eye surgeries, teeth whitening, hair removal, breast augmentation, acne treatment, and more. The procedure used advanced lasers, and it’s best to acquire high-quality devices from leading brands.

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