4 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Online Store

An online store opens a gate to millions of online shoppers to find your business. However, sometimes, users may click on your e-commerce site and leave without finding the products and services they are looking for because it lacks filters and relevant category names.

If you’re looking forward to making the best e-commerce site for your target customers, you can consider Shopify inventory management to make work easier. Here are more tips to make your online store user-friendly.

1 – Product Finder

Nothing makes work easier for your customers like a product finder tool on the site. If your website is selling niche products, the product finer tool will make it easier for customers to locate what they are looking for.

A product finder replicates the entire filter included in the category page but appears on a single jar. Also, if you are selling one product and want to promote it, make it more obvious for target customers to see.

2 – Visible Navigation

You record a higher bounce rate on your website if you keep throwing every product you have on the home page. While including some best-selling products on the home page is necessary, too many products on this first page will make your website look cluttered.

You don’t want to present millions of best-seller products on the home page. Ensure your e-commerce site has main categories in the header section to make it easy for visitors to find the products they seek.

3 – Search Bar

Well, the simplest way to make visitors find the products they want is by using a search bar. Users will go straight to the point using a search bar, type in target search queries, and locate what they are looking for. If you have Shopify inventory management on your e-commerce site, it is easier for your customers to locate the products.

Always ensure your search bar is visible. You can place the search bar on the right side of the header because most users are used to this position. Also, ensure your search bar has auto-complete and can present pages and product ratings within the results.

4 – Category Names

Another way to make your website user-friendly is to have clear category names. Most customers want to navigate the online store and find what they most want. Therefore, you can have out-of-the-box labels to grab the user’s attention.

You don’t want to make your users scratch their heads when looking for products. Remember, every second counts when it comes to making online sales.

Final Thoughts

Making your online store user-friendly involves making it easier for users to find your products and make payments fast. Create a seamless user experience by having a clear category name, product finder, and search bar on the header.

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