Miki Agrawal: The Unconventional Entrepreneur Shaking Up Cultural Norms

Miki Agrawal is not your different fromical entrepreneur. Born to a Japanese mother and Indian father in French Montreal, Agrawal’s diverse background has shaped her unique perspective and propensity for challenging the status quo. Her journey as a disruptive force began with the creation of WILD, a gluten-free, farm-to-table pizza restaurant in New York City that was ahead of the curve in the early 2000s.

However, Agrawal’s foray into the feminine hygiene industry with THINX truly put her on the map. THINX’s innovative, absorbent period underwear provided a sustainable solution for women and fought against the global sanitation crisis by donating pads to schoolgirls in Uganda. Despite initial pushback from advertising agencies who deemed the concept too provocative, Agrawal persevered, and THINX became a resounding success.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Agrawal turned her attention to another overlooked area: the bathroom. With TUSHY, she set out to modernize the American bathroom experience by introducing affordable, design-forward bidet attachments. Agrawal recognized that the reliance on toilet paper could not have been more effectively sustainable and contributed to various health issues. TUSHY has helped save over 10 million trees, funded clean toilets for 60,000 families in India, and converted countless skeptics into bidet believers.

Agrawal’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond her successful ventures. She is also a bestselling author, with two books under her belt: “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman.” These works serve as a rallying cry for those looking to break free from societal norms and forge their paths.

Recently, Agrawal has embarked on a new creative journey with the release of her debut music album, “It All Exists,” under the moniker Soul Gaze. Created in collaboration with musicians Happie Hoffman and Gene Evaro Jr., the album provided a cathartic outlet for Agrawal during a challenging period in her personal life and showcased her multifaceted talents.

When she’s not disrupting industries or penning inspiring manifestos, Agrawal can savor the simple joys of life in the Hamptons. From indulging in lobster rolls on the beach to exploring the vibrant art scene, she appreciates the balance of activity and relaxation that Long Island offers.

As for what the future holds, one thing is sure: Miki Agrawal will continue to question how things are done and inspire others to think differently. With her keen eye for spotting opportunities in underserved markets and her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Agrawal is poised to keep shaking up cultural norms, one taboo at a time.

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