Find Drug Testing For Your Hair and Learn How to Cleanse It from THC

As you can see all over the news, marijuana is legal in numerous states across the USA, and it is only a matter of time when it will be legal on federal level.

Since the federal regulations state that weed is still an illegal substance, employers can test their applicants as well as employees for the presence of THC and terminate their contract in case of failed test.

Hair follicle drug test is a method that detects THC, and according to manufacturers and numerous laboratories across the country, it is unbeatable. Nevertheless, is it? You can check out this link so that you can determine how to pass this particular test.

In case you have to prepare yourself for an upcoming hair test, you have to get rid of THC inside your hair. However, you can choose a few procedures that are proven and will help you pass the test with ease.

Let us start from the very beginning

How Does THC Enter Your Hair In The First Place?

You should have in mind that hair screenings will not search for active THC compound, but its metabolite or THC-COOH. As soon as you consume weed, the THC will spike in your blood and start to break down into byproducts such as the one we have mentioned above.

This particular metabolite will enter your hair through sweat glands and bloodstream by entering your hair follicles.

When you are surrounded with cannabis smoke, your hair may be affected by the THC, but that will not be relevant since only presence of its metabolite is proof that you have consumed it.

Learn everything you want about THC before you decide to use a hair cleansing methods we presented for you by clicking here.

Hair Detoxification Methods You Can Do By Yourself

Have in mind that we can differentiate two methods to provide you an ability to thoroughly cleanse your hair shaft as well as follicles from the inside. They will strip the metabolites found inside your hair and help you pass the test with ease.

Both of them are simple and you can purchase items you need in the nearest convenience store. The main problem lies in idea that you will have to use harsh chemicals that may affect structure and appearance of your hair.

You can find plenty of places where people discuss whether these remedies work. You can find pros and cons as well as people that succeed and those that have not. Whatever you decide to do, remember that they are not 100% reliable.

1. The Macujo Method

The first and most popular hair cleansing method is called The Macujo Method, and it appeared online at the beginning of a new millennium.

Since then, people had to find ways to pass this particular test, and after the internet became viral, people started to share success stories, and the rest is history.

You will need a few things so that you can start such as vinegar, shampoo with salicylic acid, liquid detergent, and Aloe Rid shampoo.

You can find numerous testimonials in which this particular method worked for people, but remember that it may irritate your scalp and affect structure, volume, and beauty of your hair.

It is essential to follow the exact procedure at least five times before the screening date. At the same time, you can do it in the bathtub, but it would be more convenient if you have a large sink.

  • First, you should rinse your hair to start applying chemicals that you have purchased before.
  • The next step is vinegar, and you should pour it on your head while massaging it down to the scalp. You have to protect your eyes from it by using goggles because if vinegar comes in contact with it, you will feel severe pain and may damage the eyesight.
  • After a ten-minute massage with vinegar, you should apply shampoo with salicylic acid and massage another ten minutes. You may feel painful tickling, but do not worry that is a normal reaction. Avoid sensitive parts such as the forehead, eyebrows, and ears.
  • Use a shower cap or dry towel, and place it on your head since you should leave it at least half an hour, but you can also wait for forty-five minutes just in case. You should have wipes next to you so that you can prevent contact with eyes and face. Even though you are going to look crazy, it is the most critical part of the procedure.
  • As soon as you stop waiting and time passes, you should remove a shower cap and rinse everything thoroughly so that your hair can be free of everything.
  • This is not the end, because you have to use old formula Aloe Rid shampoo that can clean follicles. It is essential to find an old formula and avoid the new one because that will only help you cleanse yourself thoroughly.
  • Finally, you should wash your hair with liquid detergent, and use warm water for a few minutes for deep rinsing. You should wash your hair until you feel it squeak, which is something you never heard before.

Remember that the Macujo Method will be highly problematic for your hair because it will affect its balance and moisture. Therefore, we recommend you to find natural conditioner afterward such as coconut oil so that you can return its shine.

To understand when employers decide to conduct drug tests, you can read an article on this website:

2. Shave Completely

We are not talking just about the head, but altogether remove any hair from your body, because that will help you avoid hair drug test because administrators won’t have enough specimen to find on your body.

The main problem is that you will seem suspicious to others and they will use the other method that you can easily tamper with, or you will not get a second chance because they will think that you are abusing something and want to hide it.

You do not need that kind of reputation, which is why you should either use the first method we have mentioned above or avoid consuming weed altogether.

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