How CEO Alejandro Pena & Keter are Caring for the Communities They Work In

For more than 75 years, the team at Keter Group has been uniquely focused on developing better home and garden decor through sustainable materials. Establishing themselves atop the industry thanks to their production of luxury home and garden furniture at affordable prices, Keter has enjoyed continued expansion under new CEO Alejandro Pena.

Under the leadership of Alejandro Pena, Keter Group has focused more than ever on creating greener outcomes while supporting charities and philanthropic outreach groups. Recently, it was announced that Keter Canada, under the guidance of Alejandro Pena, had partnered in collaboration with the team at Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada (RMHCC).

Let’s dive into the work of Alejandro Pena, Keter Group, and the various teams behind Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada.

Sustainable Businesses Work Together

Keter has a business model that thrives on sustainability and is built on supporting the communities within which it works. With a recent focus on expanding into Western markets, it should surprise nobody to see that Keter is working closely with the Ronald McDonald House on several fronts to support needy families.

The Ronald McDonald House provides temporary housing to families undergoing a crisis, often due to the severe illness of a young child. The Ronald McDonald House gives these families a safe and comfortable place to stay while traveling and seeking treatment. Any parent can understand how hard it is to focus when their child is in need, and the RMHCC works to make things easier.

Keter has supplied RMHCC with both time and financial incentives as it seeks to support its mission. From sending employees to volunteer to provide the Serenity Garden of the RMHCC with outdoor furniture for guests, Keter has maintained a presence in these efforts.

Additionally, Keter has become a significant proponent of sustainability at the factorial level. Keter works closely with retailers and suppliers to collect waste from logistics centers. The goal is to reduce the overall impact that the company has on the world around it while instilling better and more positive habits.

The Ronald McDonald House

A storied philanthropic program, the Ronald McDonald House has been a central part of McDonald’s fundraising since the program was first launched. McDonald’s utilizes the program, along with many others, to incentivize guests to give back to those in need. The fast food giant will occasionally hold special events to foster more significant donations. In 2022, McDonald’s raised more than $5 million with its McHappy Day event.

The Ronald McDonald House provides 33 programs throughout Canada, spanning from Nova Scotia to Ontario and everywhere in between. There are 15 McDonald’s Houses throughout Canada, each owned by a separate franchisee. Despite their individualized owners, the houses work together when it comes time to raise money for the organization.

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