The Best Doorbell Camera: Why Every Home Should Have One

Searching the internet for the best doorbell camera on the market will return no shortage of results. In fact, you’ll get millions of pages to look at – if you havethat kind of time. This post will not bore you with more marketing claims about this brand or that. Instead, we will take a look at the best doorbell camera from a different angle: why every home should have one.

How you define the best doorbell camera is up to you. Whether or not you read every doorbell camera review is your business. At the end of the day though, make a decision and install one. You will be glad you did. Six months from now, you will probably wonder how you ever lived without it.

Doorbell Camera Basics

If you aren’t familiar with the doorbell camera concept, it’s not especially difficult. A doorbell camera is essentially a traditional doorbell with a built-in video camera for surveillance and recording purposes. Doorbell cameras are sometimes referred to as ‘video doorbells’ and ‘smart doorbells’.

A doorbell camera can be a completely wireless device powered by batteries and connected to a smart home network via wi-fi. It can also be a wired device that connects to your home’s electrical system for power. It will still connect to your wi-fi network wirelessly.

Always Know Who Is at the Door

There are multiple reasons for installing a doorbell camera, not the least of which is knowing who is at your door at all times. In the old days, we accomplished the same thing by looking through the peephole. But a peephole doesn’t help you when you’re not home. With a doorbell camera, you can always know who is at the front door regardless of where you are at any given time.

This has tremendous implications:

       Package Delivery – A video doorbell gives you the ability to know when packages are delivered to your home. You can even watch the delivery take place. Likewise, the other side of the coin is preventing porch piracy.

       Burglary – A doorbell camera will alert you to potential burglars who might be ringing your bell to see if you are home. If you are ever concerned about a stranger at the door, you can take appropriate action.

       Family Safety – A doorbell camera gives you the ability to keep track of family members, particularly the kids. You will always know when they come and go. You will be able to keep an eye on them as they play in the front yard.

There is a lot more to say in this regard, but you’ve probably gotten the point: installing a doorbell camera enhances your family’s safety and security. That is really what it boils down to.

Easy to Install and Use

Given the tremendous amount of functionality you get from the best doorbell camera you can find, there really is no good reason to not install one. As for installation itself, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Most people can install doorbell cameras with just a few hand tools and 20 to 30 minutes of spare time.

Thanks to companion mobile apps and smart home integration, getting a doorbell camera working properly isn’t hard either. If you can use a smartphone and manage your wi-fi to find a network, you should have no trouble getting a new doorbell camera up and running.

Now you know why every home should have the best doorbell camera installed. As for determining which brand and product that is, doing so is up to you. Start with a doorbell camera review or two and go from there.

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