Benefits of Using Open Shower Ideas

More households prefer having open showers these days, and there are many ways to improve the bathroom based on this concept. If you’re thinking about doing it, here are the benefits of giving it a shot.

It gives more view

When people step inside the bathroom, the place becomes more appealing. Everything is visible immediately without any hidden areas. You can throw furniture and accessories to boost the room’s appearance since it can make the bathroom look more luxurious. It’s as if you entered a bathroom in a hotel or spa.

Everything is easy to access

You can head in and out of the area without worrying about access. Whether you’re ready to go for a steam shower or prefer to soak yourself in a hot bath, it’s not an issue. You may also step out of the shower and fix your appearance in front of the vanity furniture easily. Moreover, easy access is perfect for seniors. They won’t have problems moving around, even if they live alone.

The place is easier to maintain

Cleaning the place isn’t hard when you have an open shower design. You will also force yourself to keep it clean. If one area doesn’t look good, everything else will look terrible. The good thing is you can spot the problem from afar. You know where to go and what to do upon opening the bathroom door.

The bathroom looks more modern

If you wish to impress your guests by using a more modern approach to bathroom design, use open showers. They might try following your style because of the terrific look.

It increases your property’s value

Old designs are already out, and new home buyers prefer an open design. Use it as a selling point should you decide to sell your property in the future. You can even sell the place at a higher price since it has a unique feature not present in other properties.

A few downsides

While open showers can be great, the problem is how it limits the number of users. If you have a huge family, it might not work. Closed shower designs allow several people to use the place at the same time. Another problem is you must try to be as minimalistic as possible. If you intend to throw many items in the bathroom, it won’t look good with an open bathroom concept. You should pick what you want to stay. You will also have more storage areas for closed shower concepts since you can maximise corners. Again, it might not look great with open bathrooms.

Open showers are gaining more popularity due to their pristine look. If you want your place to look clean and breezy, it’s the right choice for you. There are many ways to approach this design idea, and you may get information online. Look at how other people designed their bathrooms and replicate what they have. As long as you have a unique touch, you will feel great about the design.


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