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Rust can wreak havoc, causing untold damages and exposing your operations to numerous risks. For instance, if your crane’s brakes rust, their effectiveness takes a blow, meaning that chances of accidents leading to severe injuries are high. In industrial settings, rust is a prevalent issue that demands more attention to keep such problems at bay. The high temperatures, moisture rising, water, and the intense work that leads to cracks on the machinery, among other considerations, creates a great environment for rust. Investing in quality products such as Kor Pak gives you an edge as you work to keep rust at bay. Among the measures you can use to prevent your industrial machinery from rust problems includes;

Keep them clean and dry

Dirt such a mud can hold water, the worst enemy as you look to keep rust at bay. Cleaning the equipment and ensuring they are well-dried before storage helps prevent rusting. When the oxygen in the water molecules combines with iron, it forms iron oxide, leaving you with the giant rust problem. Ensuring that your metal surfaces are clean and dry lowers the chances of such a reaction, helping you to keep rust at bay as long as possible. The best part is that, with commercial cleaning solutions, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even for the larger operations.

Proper storage

Where do you store your items? The simplest storage hack that helps in rust prevention is investing in dehumidifiers. This is especially if your storage space is humid, such as in the indoor environment. Moisture isn’t only present in apparent settings; the air has it in the form of humidity, and leaving your metallic items in such environments means chances of rut are high. If you don’t intend to use an item soon, such as replacement parts, considering air and water-tight seal helps as you store. After a project, it is easier to overlook the rust concern as you store the industrial equipment. Prioritizing it helps you keep them in top shape, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Dry coating

The dry coating is perhaps the most practical solution for active equipment. The process doesn’t affect the look or functionality of the coated surface. As such, you can keep using your industrial products while protecting them from rust. With a range of dry coating products in the market, you can find an option that best matches your needs. The dry coating can be applied through spraying, washing, or dipping.


A fresh coat keeps your object looking fresh, but the aesthetic appeal isn’t the only contribution. Oil-based paints offer a protective coating, keeping the moisture away from the metal, slowing down rusting. Nonetheless, as you consider painting, establishing the surface and its finish should be accounted for, ensuring that you pick the right paint type.

Regular maintenance

The wear and tear experienced through the operations lead to cracks and dents, among other concerns. With proper maintenance, you can keep the surfaces in good shape, including replacing worn-out parts. This lowers the risk of spreading rust as there are lesser surfaces creating an ideal environment for the rust.

Rust can harm your operation in many ways that can lead to considerable losses. With the above pointers, you can devise a practical strategy to keep rust at bay.

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