Sportswear Style: How Our Clothes Choices Can Tell A Lot About Who We Are

What we wear to work out is no different from how our personality qualities and is correlated with many aspects of our lifestyle, including our political affiliation, likelihood to marry, and our preferred genre of music. Although there are fewer choices for sportswear than for everyday clothing, personality is still a major factor in determining how much you spend on it and how many options you require.

Your sportswear style tells a lot about you, from the fabrics and designs to how snugly they fit. Here is what your choice of sportswear says about you:

1.  If You Wear Nothing But Black

You might be a stern person.

In the same way you keep a few 9-to-5 outfits in heavy rotation, relying on an all-black uniform makes things simpler. People who dress entirely in black have greater decision-making power; they truly want to concentrate on working out, not so much on what to wear.

You probably have many different duties to juggle at work and at home, and you seek to streamline processes wherever you can, she adds.

Additionally, opting for go-to black ribbed set pieces might seem like donning armor; it’s a way to protect yourself and get ready for a challenging session.

2.   If You Opt For The Bold

You might be confident.

You enjoy showing off, and you’re just as bold as those scrunch leggings. Bold color combinations show that the wearer is extremely confident in her appearance, her ability to work out, and her sense of style.

Colors and striking patterns draw attention to you and make you stand out;therefore, this is not a person with low self-esteem. The more vibrant the colors are, the happier and more motivated you will feel to exercise.

3.   If You Try Out Each New Trend

You are open-minded.

Rotating frequently to new pieces such as long line sports bra demonstrates your quest for novelty. But keep in mind that constantly searching for the newest fashion trend could also indicate a lack of a clearly defined sense of self. It may also imply that you don’t follow a workout schedule: That you base your loyalty on what’s popular; if it’s not popular, you won’t be there.

4.   If You Put On an Old T-Shirt For a Workout

You could be laid back.

You’re a laid-back person at heart who doesn’t give a damn what your gym fellows think of you, but that could also imply that you’re not very committed to regularly raising your heart rate. It might be exceedingly improbable that this person is giving it their all or exercising vigorously if they are wearing old sweats and seem messy.

Additionally, this person would have low levels of neuroticism and conscientiousness, which means they would only exercise for enjoyment rather than to outperform the competition.

5.   If You Prefer Matching Sets

You might be a type A (i.e.,very organized, highly competitive, and obsessed with details).

If you insist on getting dressed before working out,it’s likely that you’re obsessive and neurotic, which is not a bad thing. A neurotic person will exercise to eliminate bad moods and anxiety, and mood enhancement is always beneficial! However, you can be overly concerned with what your fellow gym members think of you.

You’re more likely to feel the need to look good in your ribbed crop top when working out, and you’re more likely to spend too much money on sportswear in an effort to stand out from the crowd.


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